Consulting Services

From initial assessment to final outcomes, we design a custom program to measure the psychological effects of your therapy, group or program

From start to finish, we assess track and report on your program

Initial Assessment

Participants receive an initial assessment of scientifically validated measures that we put together to suit your needs. This information is available to empower your programming and to compute change in your participants at program completion.

Progress tracking

Track participants throughout the program with very brief measures of psychological outcome, progress on program components, and feedback on program satisfaction. Insights here can mean the difference between participants who rave and those who drop out. 

Final Assessment

A final assessment is given that duplicates key measures from the program start. This is used to determine the positive changes that your participants experienced 

Custom Report

Data from all measures is analyzed and turned into a beautiful set of custom reports with your branding. Reports can be provided to you, to your participants, or to a client organization that you are working with.