Our Team

Meet our team of psychologists and advisors

Dr. Benjamin Armstrong III
Founder and CEO, Dr. Armstrong is a clinical psychologist with experience in psychotherapy, psychological measurement, and web development. He started this company in order to leverage this expertise to help psychologists save time and provide better care through better access to information. 

Dr. Joe Flanders
Clinical Partner, Dr. Flanders is a clinical psychologist and the founder of Mindspace Wellbeing, one of the largest providers of psychological services in the Montreal area. He provides valuable industry expertise and product feedback. 

Jinglei Zhang
Investment Partner, Ms. Zhang is a financial planner and angel investor. She provides valuable insight and investment contacts both in Montreal and southern China.  


Shawn Mayzes

Technical Advisor, Mr. Mayzes is software developer with more than 15 years experience. He oversees technical development and oversight for the Mensio development team.

Mindspace Wellbeing

Mindspace Wellbeing

Psychology Clinic

Mindspace Wellbeing is an innovator in the mental health and well-being space in the Montreal area. They product and research partner for Mensio Mental Health

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