Measure your clients

Assessments, Notes, Progress Tracking


Send brief expert-curated assessments with one click and receive clear actionable reports. 



Write and review notes easily with headers you choose in views designed for psychologists


Client Files

Page through the notes, assessments, and receipts in a clean intuitive interface

Progress Tracking

Track client outcomes and relationship indicators and see progress visually

Top Questions about Measurement

• Why is it important to do measurement?

• What sorts of things should one measure?

• What is the best way to measure?

• When is it a bad idea to measure?

• How to take measurement to the next level


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Perfect for Psychologists

Mensio is a measurement platform designed by and for psychologists. Not just another online records platform. We offer a clean easy interface for managing all aspects of recording client information – notes, assessments, and progress tracking. Then we go a step further and deliver innovations to actually improve the way you take notes, perform assessments, and follow clients over time. Innovations like our ‘note tables’ that allow you to easily review all of your past notes for a client organized into the headers you have chosen. Innovations like our carefully curated assessment and progress-tracking instruments that are translated into clean actionable reports to empower your practice.

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